Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

Traditional medicine does not always work for back pain. It may relieve the pain if caught early. A person may have to be on painkillers for a while until they work. Bed rest is also recommended to people with injuries. However, back pain is not always cause by an injury. Bad posture is a common reason for most back pain. People can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars seeking medical help for back pain caused by bad posture. That is why many people are turning to herbal remedies to relieve their back aches.

Here are the top herbal remedies for back pain:

  1. Keep Warm and Drink Hot Drinks – For people who suffer from chronic back pain, keeping warm can
    Back Pain
    The most common type of back pain occurs in the lumbar spine (see red circled area), however, there are a number of things that can be done to prevent injury.

    help alleviate the pain. Drinking hot drinks also work, because they keep you warm and help with your core temperature.

  2. Eat garlic – Make garlic a part of your everyday diet. Any garlic daily can help reduce back pain.
  3. Brew basil – Brew basil and make a tea. You can do this by boiling 10 to 12 basil leaves. The water should become thick and syrupy. Add salt to the liquid. Drink it twice a day. It can aid in the reduction of backaches. It can also double as your hot drink.
  4. Get a Massage – Getting a massage can help with back pain by soothing the back. The best oil is mustard oil followed by eucalyptus oil.
  5. Fix Your Tea – If you add 5 cloves, pepper corns and dried ginger into your tea, your back pain will lessen if drunk daily.

Other Tips for Back Pain

  • Always sleep on a firm mattress.
  • Do not sleep with your face down.
  • Add cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and spinach to your diet.
  • Do back exercises daily.
  • Use a hot bath with Epsom salt to relieve sore muscles.

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