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At Theta Healing we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information on alternative medicine so that you can become the best you you can be.

Long before big pharmaceutical companies were blending synthetics to make a pill as an answer to every ailment, people were finding natural cures through alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine is simply an alternative to the standard medical practices endorsed by the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration. Alternative Medical treatments are generally non-invasive, holistic, and have few if any side effects.

Medical practices such as Chinese Medicine have been used for centuries and the longevity and health of Asian people is a testimony to it’s effectiveness. Focusing on “Chi” or life force in the body, a Chinese Medical Practitioner looks at the whole person and how the blood and bile flows through the body. Methods such as Moxibustion, a treatment that involved burning healing herbs, helps warm the body and promote good circulation and the expelling of excess phlegm from the body. It has been successfully used to heal fever and flu since ancient times. A well known Chinese medical practice called acupuncture has helped with all kinds of conditions such as headaches and back pain. It is also an alternative treatment to help individuals quit smoking.

An Indian medical practice, Ayurveda, addresses patients need though their body type. According to Wikipedia, this medical practice recognizes three substances in the human body, called doshas, which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An imbalance of these substances can lead to disease. Like Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic practitioners use natural herbs and natural therapies as cures, along with other treatments, and they also advise moderation in all things, including eating and sexual intercourse to keep the body balanced. This type of alternative medicine has been gaining popularity in the west and many books have been recently published on the wisdom of Ayurveda.

One very well known alternative medical treatment is chiropractic care. Many people have avoided surgery and side effects from harmful pain medications by choosing chiropractic care for pain, especially after a traumatic injury incurred in a car accident, where the spine is jolted out of alignment. Regular chiropractic care also keeps the body systems functioning as they should and have helped keep athletes in the game.

Due to its healing benefits and the lack of harmful drugs and invasive procedures, more and more individuals and turning to alternative medicine to stay healthy and treat everyday diseases of the body.

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There has never been a more exciting time for alternative health as there are lots of developments that are sure to rock the world and we are glad to be here to bring it to you!

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