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Welcome to the world of ThetaHealing!
Experience a whole new world where you are truly connected to the Supreme Being, the Creator of all that is.

"Thetahealing is a meditational process that co creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator/God."

This is the simple way to define the unique art practiced at ThetaHealing. Here the healing experience would unshackle your conscious mind and help you to connect with the Almighty on the seventh plane. It is not just a way to cure any kind of mental ailments, it is in fact a novel way to converse with God, the ultimate power and finally attain the state of prime spirituality. 
Thetahealing promise  that you attain almost similer state of bliss and knowledge with completing the MASTERS COURSE  in thetahealing what took  Ancient sages Life time to attain the stage of spiritual attainment.

ThetaHealing has helped all its followers attain a holistic, clairvoyant and peaceful state of mind that sages had attained through their years of undying thirst for spiritual bliss. This practice involves thetahealing in which the being connects with the Creator through the Crown Chakra, atop all chakras constituting the human body.

Through ThetaHealing you can make all your dreams come true, know & create your future. It can make you rich and abundant, get a compatible soul mate, Heal phobias, Obsessive compulsive disorder clear vastu disorder/ curse on your land, house, animal and human clear psychic attack, evil possession and wayward spirits, energy healing on emotional trauma & relationships, personal growth & spirituality. ThetaHealing is not only just for clearing sickness it is also for mankind to communicate with God/ Creator.

ThetaHealing is the answer to your problems if your dreams seem elusive to achieve. This unique method to attain a psychic connection with the Creator is not only the key to make all your aspirations come true but it is in fact the way to create your own future. It is the key to attain unbounded bliss and happiness, find a complementing soul mate for life, overcome past traumas and painful past occurrences and relationships, and lead a holistic and complete life in a state of perfect spirituality. 

If you have any kind of mental fears like heat phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders then theta healing can prove to be highly effective to alleviate those ailments.  This novel technique of psychic healing can be applied to overcome vaastu disorders in your office and personal space, and also reverse the effect of an evil curse on your personal life as well as people near and dear to you. The body and mind is usually held up in various kinds of evil possessions and here we help you overcome all of those and heal your mind and soul through the simple technique of mental concentration.

The whole process revolves around the logic of cleansing the mind, body and soul of all kind of worldly tensions, ailments and material burdens. By clearing the being mentally, physically and spiritually of all the unwanted shackles, the person feels light and free. This is the state of ultimate bliss that allows him to connect freely with the Almighty and converse with the Ultimate source of Energy and Creation in a pure and unadulterated manner. By this act of connecting with God the being can clearly visualise the sole reason of his creation on the face of the earth and can pursue it without any burden. This process ultimately leads him closer to salvation or Moksha as we know it.

Theta Healing has been growing on this belief that the body and mind needs to be purified of all worldly vices and allowed to connect freely with God. This is the ultimate way to attain the true sense of living. Through its unique way of healing lives, we have altered the lives of thousands of participants worldwide who believed in the power of thetahealing and meditation. 

Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, has been applying the method of thetahealing for years and has also taught this unique practice to thousands of her clients. Vianna Stibal had been diagnosed with cancer which had led to the removal of her right femur. Conventional medicine or alternative medicine had failed to come to her aid or prove beneficial to alleviate her sickness. She herself is a psychic reading expert and applying the same technique of healing she experienced a speedy recovery of her leg. She has been using this method to alleviate the ailments of her clients. By use of an electroencephalograph she discovered that this technique tapped theta waves. Vianna Stibal has discovered this unique way of healing that entails a process of connecting with the Ultimate Source of all Creation which can transform beliefs and lead to immediate relief and redress from all kind of ailments, both mental and physical. 
Grand Master Sumant Kant Kaul, a leading name in the field of Spiritual Sciences  is the founder of Karma Kriya Yog and  organizations like International Healing Foundation and India International Healing Institute. He and his team of practitioners  and Teachers have taught this novel method of alternative medicine and healing to thousands in the world and are  committed to the task of spreading the wonders of this method of thetahealing through the simple art of meditation. Grand Master Sumeet Kant Kaul has been a recurring name in the field of ThetaHealing and its unbelievable benefits and has often been to London to create awareness about the various aspects of Theta Healing. Kaul has learned this art of  ThetaHealing by traveling across the world spanning Japan, Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, New Zealand, and Auckland. He has traveled far and wide to spread the wonders of this science to New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, New Jersey. He has also been teaching this technique in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut in Lebanon. 

In India the believers and followers of the Institute of Grand Master Sumant Kaul  have spread the awareness of thetahealing through meditation across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, New Delhi, Calcutta and Nagpur. Grand Master Sumant Kaul has taken up the mission to help people learn this art and technique in Thailand, Malaise, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. 


India Wealth ,Health , Positive Manifestation & Success Festival 
10th March - 13th April, 2014
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Scientific Palmistry 

                 10th- 13th March, 4-00pm - 8.0pm 


Scientific Palmistry Level-1,10th March, 4 Pm-8Pm

Price  Rs9999  E.B.O till 9th March Rs6999 ,Repeat Fees ;- Rs 2999,

Scientific Palmistry Level2, 11thMarch, 4-00pm - 8.0pm 

Price  Rs14999  E.B.O till 9th March Rs9999 ,Repeat Fees ;- Rs3999

Scientific Palmistry Level 3, 12-13th March ,

12th March 4 PM- 7.50 PM & 13th March - 10 -4PM

Price  Rs19999  E.B.O till 9th March Rs15999 ,Repeat Fees ;- Rs3999

E.B.O  Price 9th March for all 3 courses  is Rs 31999 against Normal Price of Rs 45000 ,Reg Fees: Rs 5000 for each course.


Create  Spiritual Soulmate,Wealth, &Abundance through Law of Spiritual Magnetism.

15-16th March 9.30- 4.00 pm - Foundation& Intermediate.


Fee structure:

Foundation:Rs 14999 ;E.B.O till11th March Rs 10999.

Intermediate: Rs19999.; E.b.o till  11th March: Rs 15999.

E.B.O. for both together till 11th  March is Rs 21999.

Registration Fees: Rs 5000 for each course.

NLP PRACTITIONER COURSE(Neuro Linguistic Patterning)22- 25 March+ 1DayEvaluation,9.30-4.00pm



Fee Structure:

Practitioner NLP :Rs 85000. E.B.O till 11th March Rs 59000.

Registration Fees:Rs 25000.  Repeat Fees ;- Rs 25000.

Karma healing

22-23  March ; 4-8pm - Foundation & Intermediate Seminar.


Fee Structure:

Foundation:Rs 14999; E.B.O. till 11th March;- Rs 10999

Intermediate: Rs 19999;E.B.O . till 11th March;- Rs 15999

E.B.O. for both together till 11th  March is Rs21999,

Reg Fees: Rs 5000 for each.

Master Practitioner  NLP 

26  -30th march9.30 am - 4.30 pm


Price:Rs 99999;E.B.O till 11th  March Rs  69000

E.B.O for both Practitioner NLP & Master NLP together

Rs  99999  instead of Rs 185000.till 11th  March

Repeat Fees ;- Rs 25000.Registration Fees: Rs 25000 , 

Licensed Practitioner Past Life & Spiritual Regression,

29-31,March ,Price ;-Rs 59000,E.B.O,Rs 39000till 19th March,Timings ,29&30th March 4PM-8PM &31st March 9AM-8PPM, Repeat Fees Rs15000,Reg Fees Rs 15000


Karma Kundalini Consciousness Activation Healing   1-3 April, 2014 ,4-8PM


Price ;- Rs 35000.  E.B.O. till 19th  March  is Rs21999.

Repeat Fees ;- RS 10000 

Pre-Requisite-  Karma Healing Foundation & Intermediate.


Licensed Trainers Training in Past Life & Spiritual Regression ,
1-4 April ,Price ;-Rs 99000,E.B.O,Rs 69000till 19th March,Timings , 9AM-5PMPM, Repeat Fees Rs25000,
Reg Fees Rs 15000

Basic & advanced DNA 2 Thetahealing  

5thApril - 10thApril 2014.                               

Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul, AMBASSADORS & ADMINISTRATORS, THETA HEALING FOR INDIA & UAE have trained thousands of Healers & Theta healers who are teaching theta healing, Past life regression, Hypnosis, Law of attraction all over the world. Advisers to Queens, Royalties,Billionaire Tycoons, Celebrity Film Stars, & Politicians; they are sought worldwide, with an appointment waiting list of more than one year!

Fee Structure:

Basic DNA2 Theta healing. 5 7th April,9.30am- 4.30pm] 

 Price:Rs 20000 ,E.B.O till 19th March,Rs 15000. 

Reg Fees: Rs 5000.

Advance Dna2 Thetahealing 8-10th April ,[9.30pm - 4.30pm.]  

 Price:Rs 30000 E.B.O till 19th MarchRs 20000 ,

Reg Fees: Rs 5000.

                       Game of life 

                          11th-13th April,2014.



Price:Rs 40000. E.B.O till 19th March is Rs 29999.

Pre Requisite:Basic &Advance Dna2

Reg Fees:Rs.10000. Repeat Fees;- Rs 15000.




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Head Office:

E-129, Greater Kailash, Part-III, Masjid Moth, New Delhi-110048
Ph. No.:- +91-11-41437521,40573217

New Delhi, Mumbai: 

Neeta Kaul: + 91-9582692321,   

Sumant Kant Kaul: +91-9891371212
Sumeet Kant Kaul: +91-9871747441


See what people say about us~~

"My mouth ulcer healed instantly...Every class with Master Sumant Kaul is so magical!''

Dr. Purnima Chhibber, New Delhi, India.

"My dislocated jaw got instantly healed!Thanks to Master Sumant Kaul and Vianna Maam!''I am thankful to you Sir for teaching me Theta Healing. 

Dr. Ravdeep Kaur, India

InFeb 2010  I took my basic course with Mr. Sumant Kaul,  and during Diseases & Disorder course in Delhi healed my eyes .No more glasss.

 Maya Badran, Dubai.

"I was a smoker within a span of a 5 min session,ileft smoking”

-Cynthia Fernandes, Dubai.


''I am an actor working in south-Indian Cinema . . My extreme anger got resolved with that my skin cleared up like I have had a facial !. .I got a session with Mr Sumant Kaul in Dubai which changed my life completely ..''

A.S. Ravi Prakash.

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I took my first ThetaHealing course in Dubai. My teacher Mr.Sumant Kaul- in a matter of 8 days--opened my eyes, mind, soul.Mariam L. Yasin.


"Immense gratitude for creating a wonder meditation CDs of Kundlaini & Law of Karma.  Yesterday  I witnessed a wonderful healing.''

Rekha Menon, UAE.

''I am really grateful that you brought to me Law of Karma and Law of Attraction , i got a job in Real state,''


''I attended the Law of Karma class & Mr.Sumant Kant Kaul took me by the hand Thank you Sir and I will always be grateful to you for guiding me through the quagmire. 

Ratansha Gilder, Dubai.

''I attended Sumant ji & Sumeet ji, classes in 2013,By applying one of the techniques , me and my family are able to travel together to Singapore to celebrate NEW YEAR !!!Not only this but now every month we are able to buy either Gold or Diamonds and we don't have to think twice for Jewelry Shopping.''

-Ginni Banga, Dubai.

''I am 10 yrs old boy. I am a Basic and Advance Theta Healer and have also done Rainbow Children.  I used to have fear of Darkness, One day my mother used HNLP technique on me to get rid of fear which she learnt from Sumeet Sir. It took only one session for me to get rid of my fear of darkness and now I am able to sleep in my own room alone.''

Gurneesh, grade-5, JSS International school, Dubai.

''I did the Intutive Anatomy in Dubai. Mr Kaul and Sumeet have changed my negativity to positivity. I wish the classes would have gone on.''Nandini Agarwal.

 "In 2012,  Mr Kaul's asked to write a figure I would like to have by  next year. I wrote Dhs.60000/- [Rs 1000000] . Now today not even the 12 months finished but I have that wealth with me.'

-Dr. Lakshmi Udhay,Dubai.

''THETA HEALING came into my life in April 2010 with Mr Sumant Kaul, in dubai. I healed my husband of a 20-year old back problem in 2 sessions and my daughter’s back pain in 1 session. My son had been allergic to pollen & cat’s fur for 10 years which was healed. Thanks to Mr.Kaul, for providing me scholarships.''

-Sharon Monteiro,Dubai.

‘’Mr. Sumant & Sumeet Kaul are encouraging me and guiding me to the path of success of being wealthy. I learnt the true meaning of LOVE, HONOUR and GRATITUDE after meeting my teacher, Mr. Kaul. Thank you very much.’’

-Udhay Kumar.



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